Thursday, April 7, 2016

Solving alltray problems on debian

Solving alltray problems on debian / mint / ubuntu

Oldish and great program, things are solvable this way

alltray problem:
alltray was maintained till Karmic
and in newest ubuntu releases it comes in almost unusable 0.71 version

temporary solution:
* still install it normally with
sudo apt-get install -y alltray
sudo apt install libwnck22

* download 0.74 executable from

* copy 0.74 executable from here to usr/bin/ with #if needed check permissions of new executable and change them
sudo cp alltray /usr/bin/

* copy both libgtop libraries to /usr/lib/ with
sudo cp libgtop* /usr/lib/

* check now new version with (in terminal)
alltray --version
it should now show 0.7.4dev+

* now start alltray with (you do not have to start it from menu)
alltray -a
or best always start it with
Alt+F2 there alltray -a
then click on desired window to put on tray

* advanced
And what is beautiful now, you can connect processes without clicking finding them with
xprop | awk '/PID/ {print $3}' #this will find process PID
alltray -p pidnumber